Network of RIS3 Specialists

Learning from others - and stay connected!

In the course of the project a transnational network of RIS3 specialists was developed. This way, the project partners learned about inspiring ways of working with the RIS3 from other partner regions. The exchange mutually enriched the capabilities of project partners through new solutions and provides food for thought to adapt solutions to the own region and smart specialisation processes.

The exchange included, inter alia:

A discussion on general topics related to the RIS3 processes to overcome similar obstacles and to find good answers for common questions. Six questions were discussed - the protocols are available for download

An exchange about good practices of regional innovation policies. 12 good practices were exchanged - they are included in one document and available for download.

A presentation and discussion of the smart specialisation strategy of each partner region. 12 RIS3 presentations are available for download.

The project partner organisations sign a memorandum of understanding to secure the continuation of the cooperation. Thus, the EmpInno objectives and aims are sustained beyond the project lifetime.